Team Cook

Boxing Coach: 
Mike Guyett

Background: Mike has been involved with boxing since January 2000 when He had two amateur fights. The amount of boxing he watches benefits his coaching abilities and he is constantly learning different styles of boxing/coaching. He is  learning everyday and it has brought us both to where we are now. On a personal note we also work together for pro-tech glass and that makes it easier to train since we get off pretty much at the same time during the week.

We first met: In 2005 Mike and I first met in high school, when he saw me in an altercation. He came up to me after the fact and encouraged me to come with him to a local boxing club in Ajax. My first day at boxing was very memorable, I thought that I could go in there and completely dominate as if I needed no prior knowledge or skills for this sport.  I learned very quickly that was not going to be the case. Mike’s knowledge and passion for boxing became my knowledge and passion for boxing. We both quickly realized that my boxing career was going to go farther than either one of us thought. We continue to learn and further develop our skills and tools to better ourselves in this sport.

Strength and Conditioning Coach:
Gordon McPhail

For over 12 years Gordon McPhail has been training Boxers, MMA fighters and other elite athletes. Gordon McPhail is a certified personal trainer and has a brown belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. He’s also completed his TFW Level 1 & Level 2 Certification under Martin Rooney. Gordon works with Brandon on his strength and conditioning to keep himself in top condition for each fight.

3 weeks left before Brandon’s fight in November of 2015, after Brandon’s previous coach had to move, Gordon jumped right in and started helping us. Gord was referred to the team by a good friend Lindsay Garbs. Gordon has been extremely generous with his time and resources in his commitment to Brandon and the team even giving Brandon a key to his facilities within a month of knowing him.

Tyler Buxton

Background: Tyler began promoting in 2006 under the guidance of Don MacDonald of Stele Promotions. In 2008 at the age of 24 he promoted his first event under the banner Buxton Promotions, making him the youngest boxing promoter in the country. In 2009 Tyler started United Boxing Promotions with the goal of building professional boxing in the Greater Toronto Area. Since then United Boxing Promotions has become one of the largest professional boxing promotion companies in Canada.  On June 1st with a first round knockout over Fitz Vanderpool, I became Tyler’s first Canadian Champion.

When we first met: In 2006 at a boxing tournament when he was coaching at Liverpool boxing club. He saw me knockout my opponent in my 4 or 5 amateur fight. Ever since then he knew i was going to be a exciting fighter.  He always told me my style is more suited for the Professional. February 2011 was my first professional fight with Tyler as my Promoter. He still keeps working hard making sure we are getting fights and working our way to the top.